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The History of The Brown Family : Pasta Brown

Cooking has been a big passion in the Brown family for generations.

When our family came to London over 70 years ago, all we knew when it came to food was what mama cooked; it’s all we’ve ever known.  Our family came from Napoli in southern Italy, a beautiful part of the world, with the crisp blue Mediterranean Sea and the swirling hills of Amalfi and Sorrento nearby. Food is simple there, with fresh ingredients and recipes passed down through generations. It’s a way of life for all Italians – well, that and football.

When the Brown family arrived in London, branded restaurants on every high street just didn’t exist, the choice of cuisine was very limited, eating out was a special occasion. With his knowledge and passion Harry Brown Snr went to work in the catering industry, working in many different eateries in the West End and City. When his sons Paul And Mark come of age, their natural calling was to follow in their father’s footsteps, opening up sandwich bars in Carnaby Street in the 60’s, then Great Portland Street & New Row, Covent Garden in the 70’s. The restaurant you are sitting in has been in the family over 30 years, starting off as a sandwich bar ‘Cordon Brown’. 15 years ago we felt that the natural progression was to return to our roots and Pasta Brown was born. We added Pasta Brown in Bow Street opposite The Royal Opera House in the 90’s to cater for all the theatre goers, so if you’re going to a show, pop in, say ciao.

For the past 40 years, we as a family have eaten together, laughed together and still work together, happy in the knowledge that we are sharing our history of good homemade food with you.

Buon appetitio!



1958: Harry Brown opened the first sandwich bar bearing the name Farmer Brown.

1963: Harry and son Paul open Farmer Brown sandwich bar in Carnaby Street.

1972: Harry and his 2 sons Paul & Mark open Farmer Brown sandwich bar in Great Portland Street.

1976: The Brown family enter Covent Garden for the first time, opening Farmer Brown sandwich bar in New Row, where it still stands today.

1979: Bedford Street was opened as a sandwich bar under the name ‘Cordon Brown’ (as in cordon bleu).

1994: Bedford Street; Pasta Brown was born, we felt pasta was the next step, we have been eating pasta all our lives and felt there wasn’t really anywhere in the area that served good pasta.

1999: Pasta Brown; Bow Street opened in November, it was the first new premises bought in 20 years. Situated just opposite the Royal Opera house and deep in the heart of Theatre Land.

2009: Pasta Brown launch their new website www.pastabrown.com profiling the newly refurbished premises in Bedford Street and Bow Street.

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